Positive Thinking


  1. That is such a cute caption...Mike is suck a lucky and pretty young girl...love the cheer outfits. I am sure Jim will be her boyfriend for this school year. Great job!

  2. yes yes yes when i was just starting into my teen yeras i just did not really understand what it was that i liked so much about wanting to be a girl but i knew since i was four years old that i felt like a girl inside and wanted to become a little girl their was just something so very appealing about wear cute pretty dreses skirts slips half sipls panties having long soft flowing blonde hair having a soft feminie girly vloice when i talked and than in my junior high school days i was once in the girls gym for an all girls game i sat their watching the girls playing in the game but my reall attention was on the other girls on the sideline cheering on the girls playing in the game i began sweating very hard and felt very subconcioncious i felt like i was being compled to want just to go right over andsomehow jopin t the girlcheerleaders i wanted to be one of the girl cheerleaders i wanted to be in one of their cute pretty uniforms i wanted to be a girl jumping all around wityh pom poms i wanted to be wearing one of their skirts and blouses i wanted to be wearing panties i wanted long soft flowing blonde hair i just really avhed to become a girl!


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