Wednesday, August 7, 2013

He Wants Her

Bride To Be

My Soulmate

Thank You For All Your Kind Comments:)

I'd really like to thank you all for all your kind comments, it really means a lot to know so many people like the captions i do. I've been in Vegas for a few days, didn't win the big one this time, one of these times, but either way i have a blast everytime i go and can't to go back again. Thank you again everyone and i hope you look foward to reading my captions as much as i enjoy reading many of yours..Hugs Becky

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just Wondering

Hi all, it's Becky just wondering something, i've been doing quite a few captions lately after a long dry spell and i know that many of my captions are pretty much based on the same thing sex change, feminization, boy becoming girl, man becoming woman and wanting to, etc.... I guess i think most of my captions i come up with are first by the picture, then i come up with a realistic caption i'd like to see happen, i'll be the first to admit that i've never been much into the whole magic, medallions, body swap, age regression captions, not that theren't aren't some good ones out there. I also know that there's always a misspeeling (pun intended) in my captions, i use windows paint still with no spell check, i know it's so 2003 right, which is when i made my 1st caption, doesn't seem like i've been making these for 10 years now but it has. Anyways, i'm making this comment because i see 100's of people looking at the captions and into the 1000's for some, but no one ever leaves a comment, which is fine because i do the same more out of laziness more than that i don't like the caption, especially when i check them on my iphone because i have to log in, then put the security passcode and all that, i usually just give up by then. So i guess what i'm wondering is do you like the captions or not like them, do you have a favorite theme or caption, i'll say this, the captions i do are how i, as a WAY in the closet transgendered woman, would dream about being reality and i'll also say, which i find weird, i have always found other people's realistic type captions more enjoyable than my own, not sure why, probably beccause it's something new and different, i just hope you enjoy the captions i do because i'm going to keep on doing them, unless of course my dream comes true and i really become a accepted, passable, beautiful, happily married woman, but until then, thanks for reading, just had to get a few comments of my chest......Hugs Becky

Soon Enough

Close Friends

The Right Dr.