Accpeting It


  1. jay was now realizing it he was becoming a girl nows so he she had just finally stopped resisting and fighting her change into girlhood he she was really begining to liked being female her body was by now rapidly changing altering she was becoming much more slnder her waist hips were changing as well as her butt becoming mmuch more rounded her hips were wideing her face was becoming much more feminine she was deveolping breast and her penis was just about all gone by now it was very small now jher hair had growen out very much longer but was still blonde she liked her hair very long like a girls she was having to relearn to pee sitting down now like girls do sometimes when she was outside and could not get to a toilet she would just hike up her dress and or skirt and pull down her panties and pee squatting like a girl does! she really did love her buddding new breast and gher developing vagina! she just knew that y now she liked being a girl!


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