Happy Daughter


  1. jay was just so very happy now he was finally the girl that he had really always wanted to be his whole life he had finally come out when he was nine years old he was caught in his sisters berdroom trying on her cloths when his sister went in her room and found him in their in one of her dresses well right than and their his mom came in and jay just could nt stand it anymore he just broke down right than and their and blurted it right out that he wanted to be a girl like sister and mom so his mom said are you really sure this is what you really do want because once you start down this road you can never edver go back and so jay said yes yes yes i really do want to be a girl so from then on jay was started on female hormones and he was finally beginnning to see the changes his body was now soft and rounding out very nicely he was getting breast at long last his penis had ust about gone away his hair had grwoen out very much longer now but was still blonde he felt very differnt now becming a girl!


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