One Of The Girls Now


  1. jay i mean sizy ann your one of the girls now here is something that you will really be needing wow your new vagina is just fantastic there is just no trace of you ever being a yuckky boy!i know that your internal sex organs have also been replaced so that you can now menstraute like a girl you can even get pregant mnows have you found out all about sitting down to pee! yes yes yes i have discovered everything about my new female body i just really do love being a ggirl now just like you sister cindy lou! oh my were are going to be having so much more fun being girls now why were ever stupid boys this is just so much better isn't it suzy ann it sure is cindy lou! lets plat with each other i want to know how it really does feel to make love with another girlfreind sister!

  2. so jay suzy ann spread her legs and let cindy lou see her her new vagina!


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