A Real Man


  1. Sorry for commenting on the old post, but I just found your site and am going through. LOVE this one. Super dark yet sexy.

  2. jay had had this fantasy of being kidnapped when he was in a big coty and than he is taken way underground in a very vast old abandoned warehouse factory where is is given very special powerful drugs and he begins too change very slowly at frist but than it begins to pick up he is being changed into a girl he wants to fight it but te drugs are just to much for him her he begins to weaken as time goes by becoming more and more feminine until he she realizes that their just is no real escape he is going to be female for the rest of her life she just has to accepyt it and she just finally does she begins to have sex as a girl and she just really does love being female now she knows she can never ever escape and by now she just rally does not ever really want to she is a girl now and is a part of the vast underground conspiracy of changing boys into girls!


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