1. Seeing as Homecoming is early in the school year Jake knew he had tim to think this out. Kaitlyn was in three of Jake's classes so she was on his mind all day every day all week. By Halloween Jake took the chance and asked Kaitlyn out to the costume dance and party She accepted. Turns out Kati was a very strong woman where Kevin was a push over and a wimp. Jake was doubly turned on first Kaitlyn great looks and now that she was a take charge kind of woman. By Christmas they we a couple, Jake had made out with Kati and she even let him play with her boobs, but nothing else. By Valentines Kati started to give Jake blow jobs when he was really good. by the time spring brake came around Kati told her boyfriend that her family had planed a three week cruse and she would be out of school foe the two weeks after school started again but she promised to face-time him. Jake did not know was Kati was going to have her final surgery. during the three weeks she ramped up the sex talk and gave Jake blue balls, she promised him that she would fix that when she got back. So she kept her word and that first week end they made love as a boy and girl. Jake was blown away that she had all the right plumbing. By Prom Jake was taking his woman to the dance they were crown King and Queen of the prom they graduated the next week and both went to Mexico for summer vacation. Kaitlyn told Jake that she was all woman but he did not under stand two weeks back Kaitlyn told Jake she was pregnant.


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