Pageant Girls


  1. This is probably gonna be a LOT of fun...and if they win...they MIGHT even want to get MORE SERIOUS about the whole dressing "fem" ALL the TIME...and maybe even finding a steady boyfriend. After ALL, a girl can DREAM!! These two are GORGEOUS...and it might even be fate that they're now on a NEW ROAD...with ALL KINDS of new possibilities. (like starting to wear the new lingerie and jewelry your aunt bought you around Christmas...but were just too shy)(and like MAYBE letting Bill, next-door, have that kiss he keeps bothering you about). Maybe a couple of body piercings.

  2. At the VERY LEAST, you can get in some good hugging and kissing practice..and it MIGHT even lead to something more serious. And with respect to the piercings, a navel ring might be "JUST the THING!!" Not too intrusive and INCREDIBLY sexy!!


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