Asshole Dad


  1. Loved the Cap! I check nearly every day for any new content :D

    The blue text on red background was a bit dizzying to read, but might be cleverly used for hypnotic text since I actually felt fuzzy when reading ;p

  2. my old man would never have accepted me had i finally become a girl and he was a medical doctor just goes to show you had fucked up some parents really are!

  3. i used to try to explian to my mom that i wished i had been born a girl and i used to go away out of town and dress up in masquade shows as a girl it was the only way i could do this as doing it at home was just not posible but i still have some girls cloths here and sometimes i put them on and wear them right here in my house it is the only wy that i can be who what how i am meant to be i'm really a girl trapped in a boys body!


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