His Future Is Now


  1. yes yes yes jay was now in the girls restroom he was now a she and she had just finished peeing she pees like a girl now she sits to pee and she really loves being able to do this as a girl now she stands in front of the miorrior putting on her lipstick she is wearing a cute pretty skity blouse she is wearing a bra panties her legs are now bare and are very smooth now her hair is long soft and flowing she has breast now and a vagina pussy between her legs yes uyes yes she sighs i'm i'm just such a girly now her other girlfrteind agrees we are both girls now and isn't this so very wonderful why did we ever waste so much time trying to be boys!

  2. I LOVED THIS STORY. IS THIS SCHOoL REAL? Becuse I would have loved to attend it.


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