Are You Man Enough?



  1. A man who does not want to see it as his duty to make you happy is not a man and is definitely not worth taking up space in your collection of men.

  2. There is no boy there, and it is hard to imagine that there ever was. Soon to be corrected. The cosmic mistake will be a channel for both to enjoy to the fullest.

  3. What, what wrong, you always wanted for a girl, to do this to you.
    But, but your not a girl.
    Not a girl, not a girl. Do I look like a guy now.
    You, you what I mean.
    Oh, you mean I was born Chris, but I'm Chole now. Mind, body, and soul.
    But, but your not a girl, not a real girl.
    Not a real girl, oh, oh you mean that I'm a Trans-girl, a Trans-woman. What you have a problem with this.
    Well, yes, yes I'm. You, you tricked me, you pretended to be a girl.
    I did not, I am not pretending to be a girl, I am girl thou I was born one, I am one.
    That isn't the point. You trick me.
    What, because you were interesting in me, and what this, well so did I too. I didn't trick you, I didn't think it was important for you to know, until we're serious.
    Well what you going to do.
    Nothing, I'd not going to say anything, if you do, I'll tell thank you knew, before we did it, and you didn't care/
    You wouldn't , would you.
    Yes, I would, I would do it. Some people knew who I was, and they respected as a girl


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