My Son, My Daughter



  1. A problem would your son want to dress up, act like a girl from time to time and thought, he be statified of doing it from time to time. You even let go that Womanless pageant. But need the desire to be more that pretend to a girl. He or she want to be a girl after the pageant. Then he or she started to live as a girl, a she. Nearly all her life she knew she, but wasn't a girl. Well not toddy one.
    After many, many years after there were several steps, one was the one the final step, the other was to be a wife. As she and her decided many, many over it was the correct one

  2. Such a wonderful story. I wish that could be true for many boys who are having a difficult life.

    1. There is a saying some women are made. Not born.


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